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A Ninety-Year-Old Dream
Published: 02/12/2017
The red-hot flame of passion burns intensely through the veins of all dog lovers at the Westminster level. It starts as an ember years before stepping onto the famous green…

Did ya take something?
Published: 01/30/2017
I have a confession to make: some of you may think this is a little crazy, but the sound of these words makes my blood boil! I’ll be with family or out with friends,…

Lucky, Luckier, Luckiest
Published: 12/29/2016
My niece is a total animal freak – “Whew” was the collective expression uttered by my sister and me when the kid took her first steps towards becoming a…

How Scientific Research Works in the Context of Breed Club Projects
Published: 08/16/2016
All biomedical research follows the scientific method, where a question is first asked, background research leads to a hypothesis, and the hypothesis is tested by experimentation. …

What's a breed?

Dogs became breeds because their behavior, size, shape, speed and other traits made them ideal for a particular kind of work that helped people. Along the way, hunters bred the best hunting dogs each other...